We do a number of things but most of all we are the eyes and ears of older people in

Haringey. We gather and give information and we advise.

Let’s Talk About……………’ Open Meetings

We host Open Meetings and anyone is welcome to attend. twitter icon

Each meeting has a theme and we use these meetings

to find out your viewsfacebook icon

on issues and services that impact on your life and the lives of other older people in Haringey. We then use this information to suggest how things can be improved.

We also use the meetings to provide you with information on changes that might be happening both locally and nationally in particular areas or services we think might be of interest to you.

September 16, 2015, Open Meeting – “Let’s Talk about Loneliness, Isolation & the Community…” in conjunction with Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

‘Let’s hear what you think ……….. ‘ Seminars

These are for smaller groups (30-50 people) and a more targeted audience and we use them to find out your views on issues and services that impact on specific groups of older people and then use this information to suggest how things can be improved (for example people in a care home, older people who are still working).

‘Let’s hear what you think …..’ – Better Care Reference Groups

We have been asked to host a reference group on behalf of the Health and Social Care providers so that we can have an input on behalf of older people as to how these two services can join up to give us better care. The group is still in the making.

‘Let’s tell you about ….. ‘ Newsletters/bulletins

We produce a quarterly newsletter – Older and Bolder – and we use this to tell you about things we think might be of interest to you.

‘Let’s hear what you want ….’ Annual survey

Every year we conduct a survey amongst our members to see what areas they would like us to focus on in the coming year.

We also participate in consultations/surveys/focus groups within Haringey, London and Nationally.

Our Committee Members sit on various external committees and steering groups and act as a conduit of information between service users (Older People) and service providers (health service, Haringey Council, Transport Service etc)